Various used of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


AI works like human brains. It accesses the data and observes it to find out all the related queries that are required to know about some particular task. All these calculations depend on algorithms used in AI based devices. These technologies make our lives easier and business more profitable and efficient there is a gigantic flip side too.

The way of learning starts with data or observations, for example instructions or direct experience, in the manner to look for the designs in data and decide on better decisions. The main motive is to permit the computers to learn automatically without any help and intervention of human.

Machine learning uses two types of techniques to work: one is supervised and other is unsupervised learning. Supervised leaning process utilizes regression and classification techniques to create future models and outputs. Unsupervised learning helps to find out intrinsic structures or hidden patterns in input data.

Various uses of Artificial Intelligence

AI is used in different areas such as Expert Systems, Logic Programming, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Scheduling, Robotics, Gaming Systems, Learning Systems, Planning, Image Recognition, Image Understanding, Soft Computing and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and etc.

Various uses of Machine Learning

It is used by companies to personalize customer’s experience, make sure that the company is in web searches to get a big customer base and to make sure that right items are produced before customers at the right time etc.