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Keep in mind that personal and health hygiene always go hand-in-hand. When you do not have proper hygiene, you may fall sick often and make you take medications to get recovery. It is the primary reason to maintain proper health and personal care.

Besides, it is also highly helpful for keeping overall good well being. When keeping your body clean, it helps you stay from viruses and bacteria attach that leads to infection and illness.

Personal hygiene has its own connection with mental health and therefore keeps it under your control so that you feel good and better about yourself. In this article, you will get to know in-depth about the personal and health care as well as tips to improve your personal hygiene.

What is personal and health care?

Personal and health care is one of the widely practiced concepts in public and medical health services. Personal care generally involves maintaining body cleanliness to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. It also helps you to stay under the ideal health condition.

Many people think that taking care of one’s health and body is about eating the right food, attending to ailments, and doing the correct exercising. There are plenty of things about personal and health care, which people to understand to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

It includes taking care of physical appearance that is extremely vital for good health.  You should give proper care and attention right from your head to toe. To do so, you should have the right health and personal care products.

Personal care is categorized into different types such as face care, oral care, body care, hand care, clothes care, hair care, nails care, foot care, menstrual care, and much more.

Reasons to maintain good health and personal care

When people around you find yourself unclean and unkempt, they tend to avoid talking to you and even not come closer to you. It disrupts your social life regardless of whether it is personal or workplace.

That is why keep your clean helps you avoid all these social life barriers and creates health personal/professional relationships. Also, taking care of yourself regularly without any compromise will prevent illnesses and infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Practicing good personal care assists you to maintain and promote good health. Here are some of the tips to keep good personal care.

  • Bath regularly
  • Wash hands properly
  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Trim your nails
  • Clean your private parts


  1. HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale with STEP-On Technology (Grey)

The HealthSense Ultra-Lite Personal Scale PS 126 which is Lightweight and Plastic made makes it ideal to track your weight loss. This easy to use scale features Step-On technology to give you easy-to-understand, fast results. Four precision sensors give  an correct measurement each time you step onto the  plastic platform of scale.


  1. Caresmith Professional Cordless Water Flosser 300 Ml X-Large Detachable Water Tank

The best way to floss is with the Caresmith Cordless Water Flosser. Featuring a contemporary and innovative design, it cleans deep between your teeth and below the gumline where flossing and traditional brushing can’t reach, utilizing a unique combination of pulsations and water pressure.


  1. Omron HEM 7121J Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON HEM-7121J-IN is a fully automatic, compact blood pressure monitor, operating on the oscillometric principle. It measures your pulse rate and blood pressure quickly and simply. For comfortable controlled inflation without the need of pressure re-inflation or pre-setting the device uses its advanced “IntelliSense” technology.


  1. Clientell M3 Black Sweatproof Smart Fitness Wrist Band

This smart band works as an activity tracker, a heart rate tracker and fitness watch. M3 waterproof Smart fitness Band compatible with Heart Rate Sensor or Bluetooth. It is compatible to devices having Bluetooth version 4.0 and below in tablets, PC’s and smartphones and also support IOS and Android.


  1. Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer Kit (Black)

The Braun multi grooming kit offers head and face trimming in a single package. Thanks to its clever attachments, perform 6 different jobs effortlessly.


  1. Nova NHT 1072 Fast Charge Titanium Coated USB Trimmer For Men (Black)

Have a smooth trimming experience and utilize its accessories in order customize the depth and shape of your beard. Enjoy a tangle-free grooming feeling as the trimmer has no cords.


  1. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder – 5 lbs, 2.27 kg (Double Rich Chocolate)

Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) is the purest form of whey protein that currently available. WPIs are costly to use, but rate among the best proteins that money can purchase.


  1. Muscleblaze Iso-zero Zero-carb 100% Whey Protein Isolate (Dutch Vanilla, 2 Kg / 4.4 lb)

MuscleBlaze Iso Zero Chocolate is the hot potato of the town as it is the 100% pure with scrumptious chocolate flavor. It is a low carb formula crafted to match your protein needs to gain lean mass.


  1. Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual – 200 ml

Durex Play Sensual Massage 2-in-1 is a fully safe lubricant gel for an exciting and enhanced sexual time with your partner. It is silky, smooth and soft, everything that makes it decent for a soothing rub over the body, even the sensual areas.


  1. KamaSutra Pleasure Series Condoms

KamaSutra is a well-known brand for condoms in India. With the Intensity condoms, KamaSutra once again redefines the art of making love with Dual Textured condoms – which provides deep sensation with a pleasurable experience.