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NETGEAR renowned service provider for innovative, advanced WIFI routers fulfils all your office to home needs. A high-speed WIFI network is a Backbone for a Smart home to connect all smartphones, computers and devices remotely. NETGEAR being the best-in-class WIFI routers provides the widest range, speed and multi-property enabled equipment to accomplish all your internet needs. If you want to experience a stable, advanced and fastest network speed ever, switch to the NETGEAR wireless router.

Here are different routers that would suffice & satisfies your needs, let’s peek-a-boo –

WIFI Routers

If you avail multiple interfaces to use Network then “NETGEAR” should be the best choice in WIFI routers with high speed and Smart networking system.


In the modern day arena, each and every smart home, have multiple devices to use in network and required a strong WIFI signal. NETGEAR DSL Modems and Router is the one with DSL compatible to fulfil all your networking needs to make your home a Smart one.


Are you facing trouble while using your Wireless NETGEAR Router? Here are the easy NETGEAR Troubleshooting steps to solve your issues with ease.

One of the most important factors to choose a Combo Cable modem and routers is the reliability. You can find out many combos in the market, but NETGEAR is the most reliable and compatible for your Smartphones, computers and wearables.

You can also contact our NETGEAR Tech Support team and resolve issues in a short time period with expertise.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

You would be surprised to know that most of your router problems can be resolved in a simple reboot step.

Steps to follow:

    To restart internet Modem and Router, Plug out the power cable

    Wait for some seconds and restart your computer before plugging in the router.

    Check the light in the router, if you can see the internet light that means your router is working well.


If you have followed the basic troubleshooting step, but still persists the same issue, then this is the right time to reset your router.

Steps to follow:

    Connect your NETGEAR router with a computer

    Try to type your given IP address.

    It will ask you for a user name and password, Give your ID, password and try to login.

    After logging in go back up settings and search for an option “Revert to factory Default settings”

    Click on “Erase” under that to Rest your NETGEAR router all settings into default settings.

    Now restart your router and computer, try to connect.

Have you followed all the above troubleshooting steps, yet issues are continuing persistently, then it’s the time to look for NETGEAR Customer Support to solve your router problem! The NETGEAR Support team is available 24*7/365 to help you out on any kind of router problem with instant support service. Contact NETGEAR Tech Support today to resolve all your issues in a short time period with expert mind and advice.

We are here to answer all questions arising on your way while using a NETGEAR router to have a good customer relationship. Our expert team will help you to dig out the problem from the root so that you can experience our high speed and smart service. NETGEAR Support service is providing you with easy access and guidance on issues arising your way, feel free to contact today.