How YouTube is changing the world?


Why not something else like Viddler, MetaCafe or other video sharing platforms? Why only YouTube in particular? Why only YouTube is revolutionizing the world? Let’s check it now.

14 years ago, on 14th Feb, 20015, 3 Americans started a website with an idea of sharing videos online. They didn’t know that their creation will become worth billions of dollars. It is now one of the most influential and profitable videos sharing sites online.

It allows people to share their videos free online anytime, anywhere. It gets more than 30 million users every day. On every minute 300 hours videos are uploaded to it.

YouTube acts as a source of inspiration, a place for debate, a navigable library of information, a marketplace for media products, a home for many audiences, a platform for expression, all at once.

From the below points it becomes easy to know the impacts of YouTube on the world

  • Convenience trumps quality
  • Accessible education
  • Revolutionized entertainment
  • Talent discovery
  • Political discussion
  • A move towards video content
  • Advertising
  • Short-form content for shorter attention spans
  • It’s an incredible traffic source

It highlights, amplifies and reflects popular media and culture and as an outcome, it has played an important role in the culture of sharing videos on the web.