How To Burn Belly Fat


1.Eat more soluble fibre. Soluble fibre is found in Beans, Oats, fruits, vegetables & seeds. It helps you to burn your belly fat. It is very light food to eat . 

2.Avoid fast food or oily food. Eating fast food is very high in calories , sugar, fat , they can lead to unwanted weight gain. 

3.Avoid alcohol consumption. Too much of alcohol consumption can also make you gain belly fat . If you want to reduce your waist size avoid alcohol. 

4.Take high protein diet. Protein is an important nutrient to control your weight. Those who eat more protein they have less abdominal fat than those who eat less protein . Make a proper diet plan which included a good protein source in every diet like , eggs, fish, meat, milk etc. 

5.Don’t take stress. More stress can make you gain your belly fat also known as stress hormone. To reduce your belly fat don’t take stress and make your mind feel free and happy . Do yoga to decrease your stress level. It helps you to get relives from stress. 

6.Do Exercises. Exercise helps you to lose your unwanted fat . It helps you to keep healthy and wealthy . Exercise also helps you to decrease your stress level. 

7.Take restful sleep. Restful sleep is more important for many aspects of your health, including weight. Some studies show that improper sleep tends to increase more weight. So sleep at least 7 to 8 hrs. per night . It will help you to keep your mind fresh and healthy. 

8.Avoid sugary things. Always try not to eat more sugar beverages . Sugar beverages are loaded with liquid fructose, which makes you gain belly fat. 

9.Drink green tea. Green tea makes your metabolism strong and it protects and reduces your unwanted belly fat. 

10.Try to do intermittent fasting. Recently intermittent fasting has become very popular for weight loss. Try to keep 24 hrs fasting ones or twice a week . It helps very fast to reduce your belly fat. People experienced that alternate day fasting helps very fast to reduce belly fat.