Holy Festival: Date, Pooja and Special Things


Holi festival is one of the most revered and celebrated festival of india and almost it is celebrated in every part of the country. It is also called as “Festival of love”. on this day of festival people get to unite together forgetting all resentments and all bad feeling towards each other. Basically this festival is celebrated with the name of Holika Dahan or chat holi. It is the festival of colours. The oscillation of colours is something that brings positivity in our lives and holi being the festival of colours . It is a famous Hindu festival that is celebrated every year in every part of india.

Holi Special Things :

• Special Thanadai
• Holi songs
• Holi Mela
• Bonfires
• Holi Pooja

Festival of colours :
Holi is the festival of colours , All friends , relatives, family members, neighbors all come together and play with colors . They all enjoy with the colours , drink thandai and enjoy the moment of this love and holi festival . This festival comes with lots of happiness and positive vibes , which all india people enjoy together without any enmity .

Process of holi pooja :

Holika dahan preparations start from almost 40 days before the festival. People start gathering the woods on the crossroads of the city . Holi pooja takes place on an auspicious time in the evening a day before the Holi festival.

Rituals of Holi pooja :

  1. Pooja can be performed at any place.

2. A huge amount of wood is kept at a prominent place on the day of vacant panchami.

3.An effigy of Holika and Prahlad is placed on the huge heap of woods on the day of Holika