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The status and use of triple talaq in India has been a subject of debate and controversy. Those questioning the practice have raised issues of human rights, gender equality, secularism and justice. The discussion has included the Government of India and the Supreme Court of India, and is associated with the discussion about a uniform common code (Article 44) in India.

On 22 August 2017, the Indian Supreme Court regarded instant triple (talaq-e-biddah) unconstitutional with a voting of 3 out of 5 judges. The remaining two declared the practice to be constitutional while at the same time asking that the government to ban the practice by making a law.

But today Modi 2.0 Govt. has made a history and the result of efforts of government is before us.+

Minutes after Rajya Sabha approved the bill that makes moment triple talaq a criminal offense, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, saying that a medieval and archaic practice has at long last been limited to the dustbin of history. He included that India is cheering today.

Amit Shah Tweet to PM:

Parliament on Tuesday endorsed the bill that makes moment triple talaq a criminal offense, after the disagreeable legislation was passed by Rajya Sabha following NDA constituents JD-U and non-aligned BJD extending support and AIADMK walking out.

Lok Sabha had passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill a week ago and with Rajya Sabha now approving it, the act of instant divorce by Muslim men will be deserving of prison term of as long as three years.

The Upper House passed the bill by 99 votes in support and 84 against it.

To Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad, who named the bill as a politically inspired move to obliterate Muslim domestic and household fights, the priest said the Congress head should consider why his party would always lose larger part following the pinnacle of 400 or more seats it won in 1984.

He saw the 1986 Shah Bano case, where the Congress did not adhere its neck out to help ladies rights, as the main reason behind the ruin of the party.

The Triple Talaq bill couldn’t endure the Upper House earlier this year during the main term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, in spite of the fact that it was passed by Lok Sabha.

The Bill was again passed by the Lok Sabha a week amid a walkout by different opposition parties including the Congress and the Trinamool Congress.

The opposition parties state in its current form, the proposed law could be abused to annoy Muslims and needed it to be reviewed on by a parliamentary committee.